By bringing our programs to students in K-8th without access to computer science education, we not only provide kids with fun, project-based classes sses, but we also equip students with the foundational skills and training necessary to compete in the future job market.
Our highly-trained instructors and mentors lead interactive classroom experiences that teach students the foundations of coding and robotics otics through both our in-person and online programs.
By creating opportunities for kids to harness the power of technology logy, Code Inspire paves the way for students to build crucial skills for their futures logy in a technology-filled world.
Through coding education, kids learn valuable critical and creative thinking processes sses applicable in the classroom and beyond.
Code Inspire is a 501(c)(3) tech education nonprofit. We focus on providing young people from 5 to 13 years old much needed access to Computer Science education.
We want ALL kids to have the same opportunities for success.
This is why we believe in code equity.
Our Board of Directors is a diverse mix of leaders with a variety of industry experience, cultural backgrounds, and life experiences. We want today’s youth to have a solid foundation of critical skills that enable them to compete in the world of tomorrow.
Rachel ten Brink is General Partner and co-Founder of Red Bike Capital. Named Entrepreneur Magazines' 100 Powerful Women of 2020 and recognized as a Top 50 Latinx Tech Leader in the US, Rachel has over 20 years of experience working with top global CPG companies and building successful ecommerce startups. She is passionate about making the tech ecosystem more inclusive and diverse. She saw firsthand how her young son developed more confidence, improved problem solving skills, and unleashed his entrepreneurial drive by taking coding classes. With more than 30% of Gen Z comprised of Latino children, she believes Code Inspire can address the critical need to make coding education accessible to all of today’s youth.
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Mayuresh is the CEO of CJ Affiliate a Publicis Groupe company. He sees the power of software code everyday – at work and at home! He believes learning to code is as fundamental as math and reading. However, access to this skill is still a privilege limited to well resourced schools and communities. He passionately believes in Code Inspire’s mission to increase code education equity across the US and empower all children to be future-ready.
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Adrienna is a Senior Product Director who relies on the expertise of Developers to bring her vision to fruition. Partnering closely with the IT Department, she sees the opportunity for more diversity in the technology space. As an alumna of Spelman, a Historically Black College, Adrienna is determined to help young, black girls and boys gain exposure to new learning experiences and build skills that are transferable across multiple industries. An increasing number of jobs focus on digital offerings and Adrienna believes that Code Inspire will teach students how to speak the language of the future.
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Charu is the Co-Founder of CodeAdvantage – a company which delivers after school and online coding/robotics classes to elementary and middle school children. She believes it is important to feel comfortable with technology early in life so she made it her mission to bring high quality, fun coding classes to kids. She will leverage her experience so Code Inspire can act as a catalyst for today’s youth to gain confidence, learn valuable skills, and pursue their dreams!
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Paul is the Co-Founder of CodeAdvantage – focused on coding/robotics classes for elementary and middle school children. As a father of 2 daughters, Paul is especially interested in empowering and encouraging young women to code. He is a strong believer in the advantages of computer education for developing problem solving, critical thinking and logic skills in elementary school aged students. Paul will bring his vast experience to Code Inspire so that more of today’s youth can be prepared for world of tomorrow!
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Min is the Senior Director of Strategic Operations and Alliance Management at Tessera Therapeutics, a company focused on developing genetic medicines. She has worked in the biotech space for over fifteen years and is passionate about the importance of working collaboratively towards a greater good. As technology is integrated more and more into our daily lives, she believes it is crucial to change the perception of coding and show how creative and collaborative it can be. Min is excited to support Code Inspire’s mission to make coding accessible to many young individuals who can go on to contribute to the greater good of society.
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Amit is an entrepreneur at heart working for both start-ups and fortune 100 companies including American Express and Google. From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, Amit realizes the need for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture. He is excited to support computer education programs that not only generate opportunities for Black, Latino, and female students but also build confidence and critical skills that can be carried with them throughout their lives and careers.
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Selma is a results-oriented financial services professional, who has spent a better part of the last two decades as an education and a child advocate in her local community. Selma is dedicated to educational success of every child, and strongly believes in Code Inspire's mission to make technology accessible to all children.
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