Code Inspire provides project-based STEM classes focused on coding and robotics for K-8th grade students in communities in need.
Our project-based curriculum is designed by experts. We make sure students are engaged and having fun while learning and retaining critical coding concepts.
We conduct online classes anywhere in the US and in-person classes (location dependent).
Our instructors come equipped with strong technical backgrounds AND prior work experience with kids. We hand-pick only the best and train them to be masters in classroom management.
Our Instructors
Our Curriculum
We structure each lesson plan for students to learn specific coding concepts, create their own projects, and master specific skills with differentiated learning to address individual student needs.
We’ve created our own lessons to focus on project-based curriculum so students aren’t only engaged with the content, but more importantly, learn the practical application of what they’re being taught.
we offer flexible programs
Our programs are adaptable because we know that not everyone has the same needs. Our instructors and content can be adjusted to best serve students and organizations.
Learning is important, even when school’s not in session. Our week-long camps give students a more condensed version of our normal programs while still giving them time to enjoy their break.
Special Events
Summer/holiday break camps
Online and in-person, our after-school programs are the core of what we do. In these weekly courses, we connect our seasoned instructors with students to teach them coding fundamentals that build a foundation for a lifelong skillset.
After-school programming
Don’t have a computer lab and/or wifi? We can help! We have a “Computer Lab in a Box” add-on to help students without the equipment/wifi.
In-person Classes
In select locations, we can provide in-person instruction to students in an interactive, engaging setting. Our amazing instructors will guide, help, and motivate students to learn coding fundamentals and put their knowledge into action!
Utilizing best practices for virtual classrooms and with a wealth of experience teaching remotely, our instructors can provide LIVE instruction for students….anywhere! In addition to hands-on, project based learning, students will have mentoring sessions with their instructor to inspire and motivate them to continue their coding journey!
Online Classes
This class is a fun and engaging way for young children to learn and apply key coding concepts. Kids will program their own interactive games, stories, and animations while applying critical thinking and creative problem-solving.
Kodu is a visual programming language that allows kids to bring their imaginations to life and helps them develop critical skills like storytelling, creativity, and problem-solving.
3D Video Game Design
Using Roblox Studio software, students can learn the fundamentals of game design and coding. They’ll exercise their creative muscles, master game creation, and advance to learning Lua, a powerful programming language.
Python is a versatile and widely used programming language. Our classes allow students to build a series of applications and games with complex graphics, animations, and sounds, turning them into “real world” programmers.
Everything from robotic vacuums to Alexa to self-driving cars use AI and Machine Learning to function. In this course, students explore concepts related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through the lens of gaming - creating complex competitive games, programming with AI functionality, and using machine learning in game play!
AI and Machine Learning
Robots are quickly becoming a huge part of everyday life and we now need to learn how to work with and create these machines. Kids learn valuable concepts in engineering and physics, experiment with their ideas, and design a project to complete a specific job. Together they will build and program their robot to conquer the challenge given.
We all use web-based apps to shop, communicate, play games, and so much more! This course teaches the building blocks to program and design interactive websites with emphasis on creative design and technical learning. Students will HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Web & App Development
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